Rackets Cubed has linked up with Partners to provide the best links to achieve maximum impact for the lives of those involved in the programme.

Professional Squash Association (PSA)

The PSA is the global governing body responsible for the administration of both men’s and women’s professional squash around the world. With over 750 registered players and more than 200 events taking place around the globe every year, the PSA World Tour – managed and run by the PSA – showcases the game of squash at its highest level in some of the world’s most unique and stunning locations.

Encapsulating all that is good about top flight professional squash and combining athleticism, skill, fitness, tenacity, power, drama and above all else, passion, the PSA World Tour is the pinnacle of world squash.

Tennis Foundation (LTAF)

The Tennis Foundation, Britain’s leading tennis charity believe anybody can play tennis. Anyone from any background and any community. No matter what their age, shape or ability.

We exist to create opportunities. Our aim is to make it possible for all sorts of people to pick up a racket and take up the sport. Even those people who never dreamt tennis was for them. And especially those who don’t normally get the chance to follow their dreams.

Our mission is to open tennis up to anyone and everyone. We take tennis into places it’s never been before, into all kinds of communities and neighbourhoods. Diversity and inclusion aren’t just token words for us. They are at the heart of everything we do.

England Squash

We are the national governing body for squash in England, and lead the development and delivery of the sport on both a national and local level. We strive to help the sport grow and work collaboratively with our partners and stakeholders to provide engaging opportunities, from developing grassroots programmes and resources to producing world-class athletes. More than 240,000 people in England play squash each week in more than 4,200 facilities with squash courts. We help more than 400 affiliated clubs to prosper and create thriving squash communities.

PSA Foundation

The PSA Foundation is a registered charity which serves as the philanthropic arm of the Professional Squash Association which is committed to inspire the next generation of squash players and foster the growth of our sport by making a positive impact on the communities that it reaches and by supporting the wellbeing of the professional players that spearhead these efforts.

Squash + Education Alliance

The Squash + Education Alliance supports nonprofits in the U.S and around the world that tutor, mentor and teach squash to low-income youth. It is the umbrella organization for 23 urban squash and education programs in the U.S and around the world that enroll year-round more than 2,000 elementary, middle, high school and college students. These non-profit organizations provide intensive after-school, weekend and summer programming that includes academics, squash, mentoring, community service, college placement and more. In order to become and remain a member of SEA, programs are required to meet a range of criteria which demonstrate that they are organizationally sound and that they provide their students with intensive, year-round support.

Our role is to provide a framework in which ideas are shared and best practices identified. We lead and support member programs through our collective expertise and leverage our role as a national organization to organize tournaments and camps across the country, raise funds for member programs, and help start new programs in cities that do not have them.

British Squash Professional Association (BSPA)

The BSPA is the national body responsible for the interests of British squash professionals. Formed in 1993, it currently co-ordinates the UK Grand Prix. This involves 6 events culminating in the season finale, the UK Grand Prix Finals. Additionally, the BSPA was instrumental in the return of the British Under Closed and Open events to the tournament calendar. Approximately 100 players compete across all the events ranging from young pros starting out on their careers to established players looking to earn money closer to home

Off the Wall

Off The Wall Squash has evolved from the enthusiasm of a group of people with vast experience in organising, coaching and playing squash.

Working in a variety of areas including: Coach Education and mentoring, teacher training, school squash, player support and development.

Off The Wall Squash is a ‘CIC’ – Community Interest Company, this means that any profits made will be used for the development of squash.

Our mission is to bring the game of squash to as wide an audience as possible, inspiring a new generation to achieve their potential and to pass on our enthusiasm for the game, making the enjoyment of playing just as important as the competing.