Our Mission

Enhancing the achievement of children.

Improving their mental well-being and physical literacy, making them happier, healthier and more confident


Our Mission

Rackets Cubed is a UK registered charity that delivers an integrated programme comprising racket sports, STEM education and a healthy nutritious meal as part of weekly activities to key stage two pupils in disadvantaged and underserved areas – providing the children with key benefits of active participation in sport, enhanced education and a healthy and nutritious meal.

Originally established in West London in 2016 with 2 programmes. By 2019 we ran 11 programmes across 6 cities. Despite the impact of the Pandemic, we have successfully grown to over 30 programmes across 11 cities nationwide in the academic year 2022/23. Our Community Box programme, which began during the Pandemic, has now provided over 1.7 million meals to date.

We anticipate, funding permitting, adding approximately 20 new programmes per year. This is with a view to delivering our programme in 50+ programmes in 20 cities across the UK, positively impacting over 2000 children by 2025/26.

In the longer term, we believe there are over 500 potential host sites across Universities, schools, sports clubs and leisure centres that lend themselves to providing Rackets Cubed activities, with the potential to impact positively on the lives of over 10,000 children.

Our Vision

The programme’s vision is driven by the increasing evidence that active children have higher school achievement and that nutritious foods improve classroom behaviour. There are a number of factors which have been shown to adversely affect a child’s learning and development:


  • A child’s long term health and fitness is adversely affected by being overweight which in turn impacts learning and development in children.

  • Children from underserved areas are less likely to participate in physical activity outside of school.

  • Self-esteem, participation and confidence are all important factors in a child’s school attainment as well as their quality of life. Obesity can adversely affect all of these things and it is thought that poor self-esteem may be a reason for decreased attainment in obese children.

  • Nutrition and physical activity interventions in schools tend to have the biggest impact in populations with a high prevalence of disadvantage.

Our Values


Providing opportunities via our programmes for children from underserved communities.


Giving children an incentive to broaden their horizons and take advantage of the opportunities.


Helping to build self-confidence and self-belief in children we work with so that they feel empowered.


Contact Us

We are always keen to hear from anyone interested in working with Rackets Cubed, whether you are a potential school, hosting or funding partner or perhaps you want to volunteer your coaching skills to help us roll out our programme in your area.

Please complete the form and click send. We will respond as quickly as we can.

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