Social Impact & Innovation; Integrated Sports, Education (STEM) and Nutrition Programs in Aspirational Settings

Pre COVID Rackets Cubed Hosted in 6 Cities and at 11 Aspirational Settings

Developed 3 Delivery Platforms In Response to COVID

COVID 19 Emergency Response - Integrated Food, Activity and Education - Partner Driven Scaling Strategy

Working with leading Educational, Funding, Hosting and Sports Partners

Partnering with Inner-City Primary Schools

Prove and Improve - Evaluating Impact

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June 5, 2021

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May 25, 2021

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April 21, 2021

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April 20, 2021

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Selected Partner Perspectives

  • The PSA is really excited to be working with the team at Rackets Cubed, as it has managed the complex logistics of providing an integrated Squash, Education and Nutrition programme for inner-city children. We hope the structure will become successful throughout the UK, and welcome the opportunity to support this initiative.
    Alex Gough
    Professional Squash CEO
  • Britain has seen great recent success at Elite, and Wheelchair Tennis, but we remain focused on expanding the grass roots of the Sport. Inner Cities have not been historical Tennis playing areas, so we are excited to work with Rackets Cubed and its innovative approach to promote Tennis complemented by maths tuition and nutrition into these communities
    Geoff Newton
    Tennis Foundation Chairman
  • Rackets Cubed is a charity that aligns with our own vision…enhancing young lives with the provision of 3 key components to improving educational outcomes. It provides a unique way for local children to experience sports in Tennis and Squash whilst adding extra tuition as well as providing them with a nutritious meal
    Anthony Gibbons
    Sacred Heart Roehampton Head Master
  • Roehampton Club is delighted to partner Rackets Cubed in delivering a unique and exciting inner city children’s sport and learning programme. It’s such a worthwhile Charity enhancing local children’s lives with 3 key life components - Sport, Education and Nutrition. The Club’s excellent facilities enable local school children to have free expert coaching in Tennis and Squash as well as extra tuition for Maths backed up by providing them with a nutritious meal. We are excited to work with Rackets Cubed and its creative approach to give local children every opportunity for a healthier life.
    Marc Newey
    Roehampton CEO
  • I love Squash. Me and my friends haven't played before, and a few of us now prefer it to football! It's all even better than we thought, especially as it's free!
    Year 4 Sacred Heart Pupil

About Rackets Cubed


Founded in late 2016, Rackets Cubed is a London-based charity that delivers integrated sport, education and nutrition programs to improve the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged young children and raise their aspirations. We currently operate in 5 Cities (London, Birmingham, Hull, Leeds and Wakefield) with five programmes in London, one in Birmingham, and three in Yorkshire. We partner with “Aspirational Hosts” and local “inner city” schools. The hosts provide access, court time and teaching infrastructure free of charge.

  • The children play an hour of rackets sports, an hour of maths, then are fed a meal
  • Belief we have to be local (for sustainability) and start young (for social impact and lifetime habits)

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to support the provision of these integrated programmes regionally, plus facilitate the creation and development of similar programmes with affiliates nationally.
    We plan to achieve our mission through 4 primary ways:

  • Build long term and strategic relationships with local inner city schools in areas of high disadvantage
  • Work with existing sports clubs to best leverage existing infrastructure, at times when it is less used
  • Provide, and develop integrated sports, education and nutrition programmes that track the children as they progress through school age groups
  • Develop best practice, and easily transferable programmes, that other clubs, and organisations can adopt easily
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